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Time to promote the forum again !!!

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For a little over a year now, we've been battling against spambots and spammers. It's been kind of frustrating, because it has taken a lot of the Posse members' time to chase down and delete spam postings and a lot of my time to ban the offenders.

Now, however, I believe that we've turned a corner with some improvements to the forum hosting software that we use. This appears to have stopped spambots dead in their tracks, which is a big relief.

Now that those ugly days of constant spam appear to be behind us, I feel that it is high time that we start to promote the UCC forum again. Let's attract new members.

The purpose of this thread then is to solicit ideas from forum members for how we can do that.

I'll start the list:
  1. One thing I've done before is print out business cards and leave stacks of them at gun shows. The document that I printed is one that Thomas created some time ago. That document is now available here. This can be printed on ordinary business card stock easily found at Staples, Walmart, etc.[/*]
What other ideas can we try?
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PW did a great job of sending emails to the entire list of Utah-Certified Concealed Carry Instructors. See this thread. That generated a large influx of new members. Thanks Paul!

What other ideas can we come up with?
I don't recall right now where I saw it but within the last few weeks I came across (online) a 2-page brochure that was designed to be printed on standard paper cheaply from one's printer at home and it addressed Myths and Facts re: Gun Control... maybe this, or similar, modified with this webpage url added to it somewhere??? Members could print out a handful and leave in public places like buses, doctor's offices, etc... ???
Yep, that's the one.

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