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I love those type of folks. They keep humor in my life!!! I just had a tissle fit with a person on another forum with very similar results. The type of person who considers themselves a 'combat master', that 45 is the only caliber, and that there is only one way to teach, shoot, and use a gun. I've worked with all sorts of shooting capabilities, calibers, guns, etc. The fact that someone carries anything is +1 in my book.

Sure the 45 has great take down, but the 9mm is no slouch. Don't believe me, your welcome to go down range and see for yourself. :) Kidding of course. I'd be shy of getting hit with anything that goes boom. These type of people are annoying. I believe that all deserve respect, and that everyone is deservant of their own choices in firearm and caliber. I'm not sure why some feel they must bash or push around others because of their weapon of choice, etc. If a person wants another firearm or caliber, they'll ask, otherwise leave them alone. This is why I always try to go to my range during the times when very few people are around. I get tired of people standing over my shoulder trying to show me how to shoot or what gun I should have, etc. "Ahh you know that little 9mm really is not going to do anything in a fight, you really need to have a .45". BACK SEAT SHOOTERS. ;) I should start going around and telling them that if they really wanted some take down power they ought to invest in a .600 nitro express, anything else is just a bb gun right. ARGG. I just had similar experiences at the range so I can relate!!!
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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