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Today At Impact

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Went over to shoot at Impact this morning. When I got there, I signed in and then went over to the table to put my glasses/ear's on. There was a guy standing there, and sez to me that this is her first time shooting. There were two people inside shooting at a lane. So I said cool, what is she shooting I asked, he sez a Springfield XD 45. I said I also had a Springfield XD, but a 9mm. He sez something to the effect that it was crap. I said that depends on the ammo your using. So a few seconds pass by and again he sez it's crap. I asked him if he wanted to be shot by it, he sez no. I cannot stand people like this, they think they know everything about guns/ammo/stopping power. If it is crap, why would he not want to be shot then, lol

Then went over to Sportsman Warehouse to see if they had any of the ammo I was looking for. There was a guy at the counter buying a gun, looked like the one I wanted (S&W 327PD). It was not, but still very similar (6 shot), I told him the 327PD had 8 shots. He told me he only needed two to get the job done. So I told him I do not like people like him that are so confident that it would only take two shots to take the BG down. I also asked him if he was fearless, he said no.
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So what you're saying is that you had a crappy day...
Shaolin said:
FBMG Smithy said:
So what you're saying is that you had a crappy day...
Never said that, where did you see it?
Just sounded like you had a couple bad experiences with people today. No offence ment by it.
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