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TONIGHT NewsNight w/Aaron Brown CNN

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Friends of the Gun,Â
Sorry for the late notice but I just found out an hour ago myself. I was just told that the piece I did for NewsNight With Aaron Brown.My segment will be a short spot regarding concealed carry laws here in Utah.

I have not seen this yet so who knows how it was edited and to what degree editing will play to an agenda.

 Even though I thought the interview went well you never know how much of what you said will be used and in what context they will use your comments.Â
W. Clark Aposhian
Chair US-DIN
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NewsNight With Aaron Brown? Isn't that on CNN? I don't watch the program, so I don't know which channel it's on.
I caught the show last night, and I didn't see the piece. I checked the transcript as well and didn't see any mention of it--maybe it got cut due to time considerations.
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