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Trip across the country

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The wife and I will be driving back east in a couple of weeks. I mentioned to her that through Wyoming, there was no problem for me to carry with my Utah CFP, or have my gun ready to hand in the car. But after that, through Nebraska, Iowa, and Illinois we would have to have the gun stowed in a locked case and in the back of our SUV. She was shocked, and said we couldn't have the gun locked up like that. What would we have for protection?

This from a lady who has resisted getting her CFP, even though she likes to shoot her .380 Bersa Thunder.
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I haven't had to drive cross-country in a long time, certainly not since I got my CFP. I've yet to experience the careful route-planning that it will require in order to stay legal and safe at the same time in all states/localities.

Have a fun trip! 8) Stay safe & legal.
Take the southern route. Avoid Kansas, Nebraska and Illinois. Take Colorado, Oklahoma, Arkansas instead. Or go north. Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota, Michigan (You do have a bit of Wisconsin to deal with there.) You can get all the way to the east coast in gun friendly states if you do your route planning carefully.

Bob Carr
For God and Country
We made the trip to central Illinois and back without incident. And I didn't take a firearm. Our route was through Wyoming, Nebraska, and Iowa along I80. Very long drive, took about 23 hours total. I'd hate to have gone any way that would have taken longer.

It's just puzzling to me that the "Heartland of America" should be the an area that ignores the Constitution so blatantly.
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