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The following is from an e-mail I recieved this morning and was able to jump on it quickly. You will see from the last response that it has been resolved in just 1 day. This is indeed amazing as these things usually takes weeks or months.
Subject: University of Utah Professor Prohibits Peace Officer from Carrying Gun in Class.

At the University of Utah there is an ongoing dispute to whether lawful
concealed weapons permit holders can be prohibited from carrying firearms on the campus. The University's policy from prohibiting lawful concealed carry is contrary to state law. The legislature has even passed numerous bills targeted directly at the University's unconstitutional policy.

Well, the University has decided from it's ivory towers that prohibiting
lawful concealed carry by private citizens is not enough...

Today it has come to my attention that University of Utah professor Dr.
Thomas G. Richmond instructed a State certified police officer that her
possesion of her duty firearm in his class was against school policy and
made him uncomfortable. He also requested that the officer meet with him after class. Undoubtedly to inform her that her firearm was not welcome.

This is a clear example that the University's policy is not one of public
safety as they claim but one of unconstitutional gun control. If the
University's policy prohibiting CCW holders from possessing weapons was
instituted to preserve the safety and welfare of the student body then why
prohibit the peace officer from attending class in her uniform and duty
firearm. Who better than a state certified Police Officer to protect the
student body from criminal acts. That is if that was the true purpose of
the unconstitutional policy. The conclusion is obvious...

Apparently, at the University of Utah the only ones welcome to carry weapons are criminals. Lawful concealed weapons holders and now state certified peace officers are not welcome.

Please let the University of Utah and the ill informed Doctor know that
their position on firearms and public safety is wholly unacceptable.

Contact info:

Dr. Thomas G. Richmond
[email protected]

Michael Young
President University of Utah
201 Park Circle
Room 201 SLC UT 84112

Thank you for the heads up on this incident.
Just so you know US-DIN acted immediately to get the facts from Professor Richmond.

I left a message for him and he returned my call. He indeed stated that he had a female U of U Police office come to class in uniform carrying her duty weapon. He asked her why she was carrying and she stated that she had not had time to return home or to the station to change into other clothes and as such was required, while in Uniform, to carry her duty sidearm. He informed her that under no circumstances, regardless of her being in uniform or requirements of her her job, was she to carry into the classroom. Further he stated that it was because of the U's policy against firearms on campus that he was taking this stand. He then stated it made him feel uncomfortable.

In speaking to me he stated that it was unwise in a chemistry lab to carry Firearms. I asked how long he had been teaching chemistry and he said a long long time. I asked him if he had EVER heard be witness or even heard of an incident with a firearm causing danger in a chemistry class. He said he had not.

In response to a hypothetical refusal to comply with the Prof's demand from this LEO, he stated he would speak with her superiors at Campus Police and with the U's administration to force her to comply.

When asked, if he were to learn that the it was not the intent of the University's policy on firearm restriction to exclude LEO's from carry, would he continue his restriction in his class and on what grounds, he stated "yes" that guns do not belong in class.

Clearly this professor is trying to use the University policy, illegal as it is, in an attempt to back up his own ideological and illogical hatred or fear of firearms.

I stated that the language in the campus police' charter stated they had authority from the University, via the State of Utah, to carry firearms on the campus, further the University's policy from the Board of Trustees does not address students rather it addresses staff and faculty. It was in fact the Academic Senate who made the policy for students. That policy did not specifically exclude students who were police officers on or off duty from carrying on campus.

It has always been the intent in both Federal and state law to exclude Law Enforcement officers from many restrictions regarding firearms. Further Utah allows police officers (from any state) to carry their weapons on or off duty in all areas with very minor restrictions.

My next call was to Lynn Mitchell, acting Chief of University police. (801-538-1757) The chief agreed with me and at times during our conversation found that this professor's actions were idiotic to the point of being amusing. I'd have thought so too if I didn't see the inherent danger to lawful Self-defense caused by the professor's classroom restrictions.

The chief stated if this is brought to his attention he would probably tell the officer to not attend class in uniform and just conceal the weapon on her person. She would not be reprimanded if she did attend class in uniform. Further he stated that she was NOT in violation of any Statue, Campus Police SOP, or University Policy regardless of how she carried her firearm.

I also have a call into the U's General Counsel, John Morris 585-7002, for more input on this issue.
W. Clark Aposhian
Chair US-DIN
Utah Self-Defense Instructors' Network

Later today I responded again.

The U's general Counsel, John Morris just returned my call.

He stated that it has never been the University of Utah's policy to prohibit Law Enforcement of any type from carrying on campus. Period. He further stated that he has contacted this Professor and informed him of this fact.

Whew... All in a days work. Thanks again for the heads up. Please pass this around as appropriate.

W. Clark Aposhian
Chair US-DIN
Utah Self-Defense Instructors' Network


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I just recieved an e-mail and this post is going to be talked about tonight after 9:30pm on the Scott Robison show on K-Talk 630AM.

I know this is pretty late now but if any one does get a chance to tune in. I am going to catch it via streaming on http://www.warpradio.com then enter the call letters ktkk.
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