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U.S. commanders welcome calm in Fallujah

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Check out this story on the improving situation in Fallujah. A couple of paragraphs caught my eye.

Commanders welcome calm in Fallujah
But simmering rivalries threaten new tensions in Anbar

By Kim Gamel - The Associated Press
Posted : Sunday Feb 10, 2008 10:14:17 EST

Abdul-Rahman Muhsin, a 42-year-old clothes vendor in the Fallujah market, said the turning point came when Americans began allowing residents to maintain one weapon at home.

"This overdue measure helped the people to defend themselves," he said. "Now, whenever we see al-Qaida attacking our neighbor, we don’t have stand watching from the sidelines but we can all fight al-Qaida together."
I've long thought that there was something wrong with the policy of taking all weapons from all citizens over there. This is encouraging.
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+1 Jeff,

I agree, it is about time to let the people there have the means to defend themselves and their neighbors. This is good policy!
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