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I am calling out to our membership hoping somebody out there has some abilities in the area of graphics. I would like to make some changes to the site and make it look nicer and be more useful.

So first off I am looking for someone that may be able to create a new logo for UCC. I would like to replace the current one with a banner style graphic. One that would contain the text:

Utah's Premier Gun Talk Forum

Any takers?
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I am far from a graphic designer, but I do love playing on photoshop and have designed a few logos. So I'll give it a shot. Send me an email with the info, what you want, any ideas, pics or gifs, etc.

Sounds great. Why don't you email Thomas directly. It seems that he's very busy and might not see your post in a timely manner.
I emailed Thomas a few days ago at the address he has listed above and have gotten no response. Anyone have a better email for him?

I drafted this up, but I have no idea what dimensions he wants for what he has in mind.

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That looks beautiful !!

I do have a phone number for Thomas. Please check your Private Messages.
So Thomas, did you want to have me work on this? Can you contact me offsite at my email address?
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