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Gunsfreak, I applaud you!! I too am an employee of the university of Utah & have also carried since the legislature made it more than legal to do so. I am very much offended by the way the U. has treated this whole affair. Our own employee handbook states that we have every right of citizens, then it takes away our rights within a couple of paragraphs! Preposterous! Sounds like a Hate Crime if I ever saw one!
It is certainly offensive to know that our institutes of higher learning are so prejudiced, and have to resort to outright lies & manipulation, as well as stone-walling tactics to eliminate lawful gun carrying citizens their rights. I consider these attempts by the U to be every bit a violation of my first ammendment rights as I do my 2nd, 7th, 9th & 14th ammendment rights.
Furthermore, it is absolutely appalling that our state supreme court has delayed for nearly a year on this issue. They ought to be ashamed!
Gunsfreak, again I say Hoo-Rah & I wish you well & pray we both stay safe.
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