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Well some of you may have thought that I had got kidnapped or died in the last 6 months or so. However, this was not the case. I started getting very ill back in August. I had to resign my board position with Wahsatch Shooters Association and leave my college classes in late September due to a fall I took down thirteen stairs onto a concrete landing, this incident was caused by the illness. This caused things in my life to slow down drastically.

I had just started to get Knight Firearm Training up and off the ground. Started getting busy and was pretty confident things would work out. By October I could not walk on my own and had to use a power wheelchair to get around. To be real honest to all you my friends I hit the very lowest point in my life emotionally, physically, and monetarily. I was spending most of my time in bed other then the 3-4 doctors appointments per week.

By December I started having anywhere from two to six seizures a day. These really took what energy I had left. During this period I was losing my house in a foreclosure do to me being out of work, once again due to the illness. I had to watch my wife and son pack and move things I should have been doing. The doctors not only had me on 150mg of Oxycontin pain medication but also a ton of Anti-Depressants so that I would not hurt myself.

I felt that I was more of a burden on my family then they ever deserved. Finally after seeing a family doctor, a Rheumatologist, a Orthopedic Surgeon, a physical Therapist, a Pain Specialist, and three Neurologists, 6 MRI's, 1 Bone Scan, 2 CT Scans, 18 Blood tests, 1 EKG, 1 EMG, and 2 EEG's, 8 ambulance trips, and six months of my life, we finally got some answers from a specialist at the University of Utah.

The seizures, loss of balance, dizziness, muscle tremors, and muscle weakness was caused by a psychological disorder. (No I am not crazy) This disorder was activated by all the stress I was going through. This caused an overload of the brain system. Almost like plugging two many appliances into one outlet. All my systems were working correctly however, the brain was not making them work together correctly.

The pain was originally caused by degenerative arthritis in my SI joints of the lower back as well as in my knees and hands. However, over time as I got weaker everyday it caused the pain to increase due to the muscles not being stretched on a regular basis as they should. Because of this I have also lost over 90 pounds and still dropping. It was the one healthy part of the last six months of craziness.

There is a reason I have explained all of this to you, other then keeping my friends up to date that is. Once I started feeling better the middle of January I had a lot of time to think. Time to reflect on those things I had taken for granted. The little things you never appreciate until you think you may never get to do them ever again. I always knew I wanted to do something big to help others. I always had a feeling that I had a purpose.

I love shooting and I love teaching others to do the same. I was scared that I had lost these abilities, these wonderful gifts forever. However, God made it possible for me to overcome this illness. I have worked very close and hard with my doctors and of course my father in heaven to overcome this thing that had taken over my life.

I have decided now to spend my time making sure every person that wants to learn to shoot, every person that wants the right to protect their family and themselves will be able to do just that. I want to make sure that the children of this state have the ability to get into sport shooting and compete on a local and national level. That no kid that wants to hunt but does not have the ability due to lack of funds or someone to take them is left at home.

For these and a lot of other reasons, I have decided to start an organization called The Utah Firearms Association (UFA).

The future website will be: http://www.utahfirearms.org

UFA will provide the following services:
- This will be a no compromise gun lobby
- UFA will maintain an e-mail alert system that will keep you up to date
- UFA will conduct unbiased candidate surveys so you know where they stand
- UFA will provide firearm classes free to the public and ask for donations
- UFA will once funding is available hire lawyers to write new legislation
- UFA will provide activist tools so you can make your opinion heard.
- UFA will draft documents to help explain convoluted or complicated legislation

UFA will need the following:
- UFA needs serious and committed volunteers to act as Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer of the non-profit organization.
- UFA needs legal assistance in forming the non-profit organization
- UFA needs members to sign up and support the cause
- UFA needs volunteer help in the following areas: Accounting, Legal, Web Development, Graphic Design, Lobbyists, Firearm Instructors, Office Help, and probably many other areas in the future.

UCC is the first place that has received this notice. I am going to attach a PDF version of the announcement probably later this afternoon. It will also contain a meeting place, date, and time for the first meeting which will be used to introduce the organization officers and sign up volunteers to help with different aspects of the organization.

Please download, print, and post this announcement wherever you can to spread the word. I will also include a First Draft Mission Statement, and a link to sign up on a mailing list that we will use to discuss things such as the mission statement, and design of our site and services. Please if you care about your rights and you want to protect your freedom it is imperative that we turn the tide. The anti-gunners have people working hard on their side. This is the time, we need a local non-compromise gun lobby.

Thanks for your time and interest. If you are interested in helping in any way subscribe to this topic and I will post new news everyday something new happens. Mostly keep your eyes open February 13th - 15th to make sure not to miss any important information.

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The website you gave isn't loading as of 4:30pm today.

Sorry to hear about the difficulties you have been going though. Very glad to hear that you seem to be all the better (at least mentally/emotionally) for the experience.

You can count me in for working with UFA. I'll be signing up as soon as the website is back up.

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Thank you for the kind words of support, and I look forward to you becoming one of the first members of what will be the most powerful No-Compromise Gun Lobby in the great state of Utah.

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I am pleased to hear that things are/have gotten better for you. Debilitating illnesses & disabilities are certainly nothing to sneeze at. I am sure your family supported you to their best during this past struggle. I wish all of you the best.

This new organization sounds great. I am not sure of what I may be able to do to assist in its' organization or funding, however, as I am running for State Senate District 3 this year, against a very strongly entrenched, and life long politition-Gene Davis, It is important for you & others who will be organizing this association to know that I am very pro gun/2nd amendment.

One of my platforms is already listed as being a strong supporter of 2nd amendment rights. A no compromise approach, as well as a strong conviction of the necessity for, and the safeguards provided by an armed citizenry is a must. I believe, that if possible, most laws concerning weapons should be eliminated as they, by their very nature, restrict & eliminate natural rights which our great constitution provides protection for, from infringement and abuse.

Please post a schedule when you determine to organize this association, I would love to come out in support of it. I feel this could also give many of us, who visit these pages regularly, an opportunity to meet in a friendly environment to discuss those things which are of great interest to us.

Robie Cagle
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