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I am pleased to hear that things are/have gotten better for you. Debilitating illnesses & disabilities are certainly nothing to sneeze at. I am sure your family supported you to their best during this past struggle. I wish all of you the best.

This new organization sounds great. I am not sure of what I may be able to do to assist in its' organization or funding, however, as I am running for State Senate District 3 this year, against a very strongly entrenched, and life long politition-Gene Davis, It is important for you & others who will be organizing this association to know that I am very pro gun/2nd amendment.

One of my platforms is already listed as being a strong supporter of 2nd amendment rights. A no compromise approach, as well as a strong conviction of the necessity for, and the safeguards provided by an armed citizenry is a must. I believe, that if possible, most laws concerning weapons should be eliminated as they, by their very nature, restrict & eliminate natural rights which our great constitution provides protection for, from infringement and abuse.

Please post a schedule when you determine to organize this association, I would love to come out in support of it. I feel this could also give many of us, who visit these pages regularly, an opportunity to meet in a friendly environment to discuss those things which are of great interest to us.

Robie Cagle
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