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Is anyone here a member of the USCCA? [Link fixed -- Jeff]

In an attempt to gain insight into the world of Concealed Carry, I have been scanning the internet and stumbled across this site. I have been receiving the weekly newsletter for a month or so now and I have mixed feelings about the membership. It apparently includes a publication and forum and access to an online store. Sounds cool so far, but the price tag on the whole thing is $60+ per year. This just seems a little steep to me. I kind of feel like it is moraly wrong to profit so much from distributing information about peoples rights as Americans. Maybe it's just me...

Anyway, if there are members (or previous members) of this program here, would you mind giving a little feedback? Is it worth the investment or should I just pass?


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I am aware of the organization but haven't joined yet either, because of the cost. I'm sure it is probably a good resource, but I have a hard time paying that much.
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