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USSC and Crossroads Guns shows Volunteers Needed.

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I am looking for volunteers.

We need people to hand out flyers, solicit memberships, e-mail addresses and the like from patrons at each Crossroads Gun show.

This effort is for Utah Shooting Sports Council. It will be used to increase memberships and further the Grass roots lbbying efforts during the coming campaign season and legislative session.

This is a purely voluntary endeavor but…… we can offer you a free pass to the gun show. Next Gunshow in Salt Lake is Sept 16/17

If you or someone you know would like to do this please contact me by e-mail @ [email protected]

Plus a great way not to "forget" there is a gun show that weekend is to schedule to work it for few hours. (I am not thinking of anyone inparticular)

Thank you
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I suppose it might help if we were a member of that association before we advertise for it?

I might be willing to help out on the 16th........lemme know what's involved.
You need not be a member to do this.

Most of the time we will only be able to obtain e-mail addresses. These will be used to communicate primarily during the legislative session. But, memberships would be great too.
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