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OK here is a question for those of you that are permit instructors. I just got off the phone with BCI to find out what I need to do to transfer my permit from Oregon to Utah. They suggested that I use my Oregon permit until it is no longer valid. However, by Oregon law I have to keep my CHL permit info valid. So if I move I have to notify them within 30 days of my new address. So I called my sheriffs office (in Oregon the sheriff issues permits) they said they will not swith my address to an out of state address. I can understand this to a point. I have been through tons of NRA certified clasees but BCI says I still would have to go through a Utah permit class. So I am trying to figure this out so that I can keep a valid permit at all times while I get it transferred over. Any suggestions?

Thomas if you check with the BCI Site you may find a qualified Utah instructor in your area and take the class in Oregon. If I understand your question correctly.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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