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Utah County Firearms ban Lifted

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YAY It’s about time. I called the Utah county sheriffs office and received conformation of this, but still awaiting the emailed letter of conformation. They still urge caution, but the ban has been lifted for shooting.

Jeff said:
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Be careful, there are still some restrictions from Utah County and northern Utah.

In Utah County you still can't shoot west of I-15.

Here's a link to yesterdays news relese
I just got off the phone with Michelle at the Utah County Commissioners' office and she confirmed the ban has been repealed. Wonderful day!

Note: this is only for Utah County. Does anyone know if restrictions were lifted in other counties, assuming other counties also imposed similar bans?

Here is a piece from the SLT about the Utah County Ban. I wonder how Commissioner White would have voted:


Utah County lifts campfire, shooting bans
By Donald W. Meyers
The Salt Lake Tribune
Article Last Updated: 08/28/2007 11:34:43 AM MDT

Posted: 11:33 AM- PROVO - Utah County residents can once more light campfires and shoot guns in the unincorporated parts of the county.
The County Commission voted 2-0 on Tuesday to repeal the county's ban on open fires, fireworks and firearms discharge.
Commission Chairman Steve White was not present at the meeting.
County Fire Marshal Dennis Barker said the ban originally was set to continue until Sept. 7, but recent rains have reduced the fire danger enough to warrant lifting the ban sooner.
During the ban, the county opened its shooting range to the public. Sheriff James Tracy said, on average, 200 shooters attended every Saturday during the ban period. He said that highlights the need for a publicly funded shooting range.

I agree--a publicly-funded range would be useful.
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Is it safe to assume that as of September 7th we can shoot west of I15 if this modified ban has not been renewed?
xmirage2kx said:
Is it safe to assume that as of September 7th we can shoot west of I15 if this modified ban has not been renewed?
Well we were west of I-15 on Sunday. We went out to the south end of West Mountain & were even joined by a few others after a while.

We did have one law enforcement truck (sort-of bronze or gold colored with lights & a five pointed star on the door) come by on the road about 50yds away. He just slowed down a bit & watched me get out the PSL & lay it across the hood, then he just continued down the road. So at that point I just relaxed & had fun shooting for a few hours. :)
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