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Utah Firearms Alert!
Alert: 001
Priority: Extreme

SB 24, would make it legal for anyone over the age of 21 to have a loaded and concealed self-defense weapon in your car and in your home without a permit.

This is a very important bill that will help lead this state into a Vermont style system. I truly believe we must get this bill to pass before we can even think about going after a Vermont style carry. This bill looked as though it would make it through and become law until the Manufacturers Association jumped in and tried to kill the bill. Now in order to get this to pass we must show a strong presence at this committee meeting. I know this in not much notice, and I know most of us work during the day. However, if you feel as strongly as I do about protecting your rights to keep and bear arms you must find a way to be present today at 4:00pm in room W130 of the West Office Building behind the State Capital.

If there is no way for you to actually make it to the meeting then please at least make a few phone calls. Please ask the following Senators to Send the bill to the full senate for consideration.

Sen. Al Mansell (R-9) [email protected] (801) 942-6019
Sen. Lyle Hillyard (R-25) [email protected] (435) 753-0043
Sen. Mike Dmitrich (D-27) [email protected] (435) 637-0426
Sen. Gregory Bell, Vice Chairman (R-22) [email protected] (801) 971-2001

Senate switchboard at the Capitol: 801-538-1035
Fax number for all Senators at the Capitol: 801-326-1475

If any of these senators are from your home district make sure you let them know that. Let them know this would really help to show you they support the 2nd amendment. The top two senators are the most likely to be persuaded to vote for the bill. Sen. Dmitrich has had a pretty descent record as far as gun rights are concerned however, is probably being pummeled by his party to get rid of this bill. He really needs to that we the people have more power then his party. Sen. Bell has not upheld the true vision of his party and is much more likely to vote against this bill. However, he is up for re-election so if we get enough people to call we may have a chance to persuade him to vote our way.

Also, one last thing, if you have pro-gun friends or family forward this message on to them immediately. Think of all the funny jokes and other stuff that is forwarded in e-mail everyday. This is much more important. This is your freedom to carry out your constitutional rights.

This has been a Utah Firearms Association Alert!
To Join our alert list please visit http://utahfirearms.org

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The results of the meeting were posted by Utahbagpiper on packing.org on friday night. Senator Buttars got out of his sick bed & made sure that the first item of business was SB-24--it passed through committee because Mansell, Arent & Hilyard were not present to oppose it. They tried to change the rules and stop it from going out of committee but they were shot down. I guess this is what happens when people are late for meetings! YEAH!

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