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I'd like to see a sticky with links/contact info for trainers in Utah. Not just CCW classes but firearms training.

I'll get it started.

NOTE: Email addresses below have been deliberately obfuscated by replacing the "@" and "." with " at " and " dot " respectively.
This is a measure to defeat the spambots that harvest email addresses from web pages.

  • Strategic Tactical Group LLC
    • - At Strategic Tactical Group LLC, we have over 13 years in the tactical industry. Our combined experience base consists of Military Police, Military Sniper, SWAT, Gang Unit, and Private Security Contractors.
      Forum Members: Strategic Tactical, StrategicScott, mj_ssl
      Phone: 801.915.4118
      Email: Chris at strategictacticalgroup dot com
  • FairWarning Firearm Training
    • - At FairWarning Training we offer courses in all types of Firearms as well as the tactical skills to use them effectively. We offer classes and seminars in unarmed self-defense/ Close Quarter Combat. And of course, Concealed Carry Certification for the nation's best permit to have in your wallet, The Utah Concealed Carry Permit.
      Forum Member: W. Clark Aposhian
      Phone: 801.943.5322 or 801.560.4836 (mobile)
      Email: pooh01 at msn dot com
  • Counterterrorism Institute of America
    • - Institute Instructors are available by appointment for individuals and small group who would rather have personal instruction rather than attend a public class. Instructor is available in handgun, shotgun, rifle and full auto weapons. All instruction is defensive in nature.
      Forum Member: Dennis Kennedy
      Phone: 801.815.4193
      Email: Dennis at combat-terror dot com -- or use this web form
  • Self-Defense Solutions, L.L.C
    • - NRA Basic Pistol and Personal Protection in the home Instructor, Utah CCW Instructor, IDPA certified Safety Officer and Assistant Executive Officer for the Northern Utah Defensive Pistol Association
      Forum Member: self-defense
      Phone: 801.272.8949
      Email: Welden at self-defensesolutions dot com
  • Taylor Gunsmithing
    • - Firearms & Accessories, Gunsmithing by Appointment, Concealed Carry Classes
      Forum Member: Brant Taylor
      Phone: 801.981.1932
      Email: Brant at TaylorGunsmithing dot com
  • Concealed Firearm Permits OF Utah
    • - Our instructors are current Law Enforcement Officers in Utah with over 20 years experience. They know the laws and tactics that you need to know.
      Forum Member: CFP of Utah Inc
      Phone: 435.757.2717
      Email: cfpofutah at gmail dot com
  • Legal Heat Firearm Training
    • - Utah Legal Heat specializes in Utah concealed firearm permit classes, and we will come to your home or business to teach a private class for no extra charge.
      Forum Member: UtahLegalHeat.com
      Phone: 801.452.5684 or 801.389.4907
      Email: contact at utahlegalheat dot com
  • Utah CFP
    • - "It's all about having options..."
      Forum Member: UtahCFP
      Phone: 801.768.0550
      Email: UtahCFP at gmail dot com
  • Shooter's B.R.A.S.S. LLC - Logan
    • Forum Member: alieske
      Phone: 435.760.1396
      Email: alieske at live dot com
  • Dustin Winegar
    • - NRA Basic Pistol & CFP Instructor
      Forum Member: Dustin WJ
      Phone: 801.671.5379
      Email: dustinwinegar at yahoo dot com
  • Practical Carry of Utah
    • - "Practical training for everyday life."
      Forum Member: scott.pete06
      Phone: 801.910.8571
      Email: Pcarryutah at gmail dot com
  • MyUtahCCW.com
    • Forum Member: myutahccw
      Phone: 801.502.7055
      Email: mike at myutahccw dot com
  • Safety Educators, LLC - in Indianapolis, Indiana
    • - NRA Instructor, Utah BCI Certified Concealed Firearms Instructor, NRA RSO
      Forum Member: JimFloyd
      Phone: 317.417.0132
      Email: info at safety-educators dot com
  • Jesse Deveraux
    • - NRA Basic Pistol/Personal Protection in the Home/Utah CFP
      Forum Member: Jesse
      Phone: 801.792.2619
      Email: jessestruggle at yahoo dot com
  • ASCEND TRAINING (Ben Beckes)
    • - NRA Basic pistol, NRA Personal Protection in the Home, Utah Concealed Firearm Instructor, Utah Valley area; Will do private classes (where you want to be instructed), and also have commercial space for up to 40
      Forum Member: ascendmfg
      Phone: ?
      Email: ascendtraining at gmail dot com
  • CarryUtah.com (Jacob Paulsen)[/*]
    • - DPS/BCA approved training organization, NRA & UTAH Certified Instructor, HR 218 - LEO Federal Carry Permit Training & MN DNR Firearm Safety Instructor
      Forum Member: cobb
      Phone: 507.278.3322 or 507.381.0930 (mobile)
      Email: rick at rivervalleytraining dot com
  • Matt Scott
    • Forum Member: utmatt20
      Phone: 801.808.2550
      Email: mattscott2 at gmail dot com
  • Armed Utah (Nichole Snyder)
    • - Utah Concealed Firearm Permits (regular classes and women only classes w/ female instructor), and NRA First Steps, Basic Pistol, Personal Protection in the Home.
      Forum Member: Nichole
      Phone: 801.712.3654
      Email: ArmedUtah at yahoo dot com
  • Ken & Yvonne Martin
    • Forum Member: kymartin6
      Phone: 801.783.9541
      Email: services at personalprotectionforyou dot com
  • My Favorite Gun Store, Inc
    • - Utah Concealed Firearm Instructor, NRA Pistol and Rifle Classes, Firearm Sales
      Forum Member: PW (Paul White)
      Email: myfavoritegunstore at gmail dot com
  • Capital Defense Training
    • - Utah CCW Classes, Woman's Defense Classes, Practical concealed pistol classes & Advanced pistol defense (muscle memory shooting) classes
      Forum Member: Capital Defense
      Phone: 800.473.4514
      Email: web form
  • Darin HL Haitsuka
    • - NRA Basic Pistol, Rifle, Shotgun, Home Firearms Safety, Basic Muzzle Loading Rifle, Basic Muzzle Loading Shotgun Instructor & Utah CFP Instructor
      Forum Member: glock fan
      Phone: 808.457.1975
      Email: safeshooter at gmail dot com
  • Arden Gillespie
    • - Utah Concealed Firearm Permit, NRA Basic Pistol, NRA First Steps Pistol
      Forum Member: doggiedoc
      Phone: 801.580.7907
      Email: ardengillespie at digis dot net
  • Crusader Weaponry
    • - Crusader Weaponry LLC Training: Utah CCW, Basic Pistol, Advanced Pistol, Advanced CCW Tactics, Basic Carbine, Advanced Carbine, Tactical Shotgun, Percision Rifle
      Forum Members: Crusader Smithy, GeorgeHill
      Phone: 801.808.6439
      Email: web form
  • Armed Affliction
    • - Certified Utah Concealed Firearm Permit Instructor, Certified NRA Basic Pistol, Advanced Pistol, Metallic Cartridge Reloading, Tactical Rifle, Tactical Shotgun, Firearm Self Defense, Etc
      Forum Member: ArmedAffliction
      Phone: 801.380.4582
      Email: armedaffliction at sfcn dot org
  • Rob Wilkinson
    • - Utah Concealed Carry Instructor, NRA Pistol Instructor
      Forum Member: RMW59
      Phone: 801.201.0369
      Email: robwilkinson59 at hotmail dot com
  • Crux Arms LLC
    • - Offering Utah concealed carry courses, NRA basic pistol and personal protection in the home, NRA range safety officer certification courses.
      Instructors: Caleb Rhoades & Larry McCandless

      Forum Member: cdrhoad (Caleb Rhoades)
      Forum Member: springfieldguy (Larry McCandless)
      Phone: 801.735.3383
      Email: calebrhoades at cruxarms dot com
      Email: larry at cruxarms dot com
  • Steven Ting
    • - Utah Concealed Carry Instructor, NRA Pistol Instructor - Private CCW Permit Classes in your home with a minimum of 4 people.
      Forum Member: StevenTing
      Phone: 801.358.4901
      Email: steventing.mba at gmail dot com
  • Armed Self Defense Institute (ASDI)
    • - Utah Concealed Carry Permits-NRA Training Courses-One-on-one pistol lesson (begginer to advanced)-Will teach class in home or at our studio
      Forum Member: Spenser R.
      Phone: (801) 613-2734
      Email: http://www.trainasdi.com/contact/
  • icarryutah.com - James Bell Jr.
    • - Utah Concealed Carry & NRA Firearms Training
      Forum Member: iCarryUtah
      Email: CFP at iCarryUtah dot com
  • Anywhere CCW
    • - Classes offered all over Illinois
      Forum Member: MikeMoore
      Email: mike at anywhereccw dot com
      Phone: 815.534.GUNS
  • Cornerstone Investigations
    • - Utah Concealed Firearm Instructor; NRA certified instructor in: pistol, shotgun, rifle and RSO (range safety officer); Teach Basic pistol course
      Forum Member: Misty
      Phone: 801.660.9945
      Email: cornerstoneinvestigations at gmail dot com
  • Shawn Willden
    • - Utah Concealed Firearm Permit, NRA Pistol, Rifle and Self-Defense in the Home, NRA RSO
      Forum Member: divegeek
      Phone: 801-876-0406
      Email: shawn at utahlegalcarry dot com
  • On Target Defensive Training
    • - Defensive Tactics Training in Southern Utah
      Forum Member: OnTarget
      Phone: 435-238-7643
      Mailing Address: PO Box 334 Cedar City, UT 84721
      Email: Web Form
  • Briarpatch Defense Systems, TIBA LLC
    • - TIBA LLC & Briarpatch Defense Systems. BDS is a full service firearms training group. We travel Nationwide to work with clients and have operations based in both Idaho & Utah. Here are just a few of our regular courses and we can custom tailor something for anyone: NRA Firearms Courses (all), Utah BCI CCW Permit, Florida CCW Permit, Utah Armed Security License, Utah Armored Car License, Patrol Rifle, Patrol Shotgun, Advanced Carry & Home Defense, Helicopter Aerial Platform Marksmanship
      Forum Member: tibatactical
      Phone: 208-371-3819
      Email: info at tibatactical dot com
  • David De Witt - Master Gunnery Sergeant USMC (RET)
    • - Life Member NRA, NRA Instructor: Pistol and Self-Defense in the Home, Utah Concealed Firearm Permit Instructor, Rifle Expert, Pistol Expert
      Forum Member: dewittdj
      Phone: 801-425-5322
      Email: dewittdj at gmail dot com
    • - We offer a wide variety of classes from the basic NRA Instuctor Courses to Advanced Combat Pistol, AR, Shotgun and Long Range Rifle; Utah CFP, Florida CFP, Maine CFP; We offer training in Southern Utah (St.George area) or in Northern Utah (Provo area). We do travel to teach classes all over the U.S.
      Forum Member: doatactical (Brent Roberts)
      Phone: 435-705-1333 or 760-953-9067
      Email: doatactical at gmail dot com
  • Utah Self Defense Instruction LLC
    • - Concealed Carry and Firearms Instruction, Utah CFP Instructor, Arizona Permit Instructor, NRA Basic Pistol Instructor, USMC Sergeant, Marine Rifle and Pistol Coach
      Forum Member: laguna0seca (Shawn Bodily)
      Email: Shawn at utahsdi dot com
  • FreeUtahGun L.L.C.
    • Forum Member: FreeUtahGun
      Phone: 801-604-7285
      Email: ben at freeutahgun dot com
  • Sinister Duck Tactical
    • - I will teach CWP classes in your home or business
      Forum Member: mljdeckard
      Phone: 801-560-2223 Call or text
      Email: sinisterducktactical at gmail dot com

    State certified instructors
    Other/Or without websites.
    • Doug's Shooting 'N Sports'
      4926 South Redwood Road
      West Valley City, UT 84123.

    KSL List[/*]

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I'd prefer to see a links section where you could one stop shop for everything from training to supplies..


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Ruger Collector said:
I'd prefer to see a links section where you could one stop shop for everything from training to supplies..

Not a half bad idea

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xmirage2kx said:
Ruger Collector said:
I'd prefer to see a links section where you could one stop shop for everything from training to supplies..

Not a half bad idea
As far as all encompassing supplies what you dont like Cabellas? Ok if you need machineguns, suressors, ect Get Some and FBMG

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We offer training and also do equipment for individuals needs. On our online store we only have about 200 items of the 17,000 that we can get. We also offer discounts for UCC forum members. We are looking at firearms but not sure how much we like the idea of the ATF Being able to just "pop" in anytime they want. LOL Maybe this year. BE safe and happy hollidays to everyone.

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We'd love to be included in your post. We also teach Utah CFP classes and other NRA courses. Our website is:
http://www.utahlegalheat.com. We appreciate you putting this post out there to help people get the proper training. We will be sure to link this site to our website as well.

Feel free to contact me with any questions.
[email protected]

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Jeff Johnson said:
I also removed one entry from the list: http://www.fbmginc.com/
That web site appears to be defunct. Can somebody give me the correct address that was intended?
That's the right address. They have been redesigning the website and it's taking FOREVER! It will be back under that URL as soon as they get their electronic storefront finished. I'd put it back up with a disclaimer saying that it's under development.

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Jeff Johnson said:
Hi Phil ... you've been added.

Incidentally, I reformatted the list a bit, adding phone numbers and email addresses.

I also removed one entry from the list: http://www.fbmginc.com/
That web site appears to be defunct. Can somebody give me the correct address that was intended?
Thanks for keeping is updated Jeff I thought it strange that I didn't remember making all the changes I was going to blame the dain bramage again :nilly: I find it strange that I subscribe to this thread and have not had an email in a long time about this thread but I have about others?
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