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Utah Gun Law Pamphlet

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Here is a great little pamphlet I made that you can give to people curious about Utah gun laws. If you have any suggestions or edits, please let me know an I will make them when I get back in town on Monday!

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Sahweet! A big hoorah for ScottyT for making this... :thewave:
Is anyone working on an updated version for the changes that take effect on May 12?
I agree. An updated pamphlet would be great.
Scottyt the original author is currently working on a new version. He has asked for suggestions on updating it.


If anyone can provide help, it would be beneficial to us all.
rpyne has submitted a first copy of the new pamphlet, found here:
or if that doesn't work, here is the link you can copy: http://freeutah.org/docs/UtahGunLaw2009b1.pdf
The link to the OCDO page is here.
There was a slight error in the middle paragraph of the first page that I notified him of. Other than that it looks good. I printed a couple off.
rpyne is at it again, with a third revision. Thanks a lot for your work. The pamphlet is here.
Here is the link if you need to copy and paste: http://freeutah.org/docs/UtahGunLaw2009b3.pdf
I would love to see the pamphlet but neither of the links you provided are working for me. Can you send me a new link?
CarryUtah.com said:
I would love to see the pamphlet but neither of the links you provided are working for me. Can you send me a new link?
That's strange. I just tried both and they worked for me. Do you have a firewall setting that may stop it from coming through? they are .pdf files, so if you don't have Adobe Acrobat reader, you might not be able to see them. I'm pretty sure that you can download the Acrobat reader from their website for free. Here is a new link to the pamphlet that was posted on OCDO. Hopefully it works for you. If not then try downloading the Acrobat reader.
Is there an updated Pamphlet? I have yet to see one or a link that works.
It's too bad that there isn't someone in every state that would be willing to invest the time needed to create such a needed resource for their own state. Printing them all out in a folder would be nice for travelers. Thank you for your time and expertise. :thumbup:
21 - 32 of 32 Posts
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