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Well you beat me to it! I saw this article today while surfing CNN.com at work. I was going to post it then but my work blocked me from viewing this website. :evil:

This comment REALLY irritated me...
"But you see, that is where the problem lies: Everybody will end up carrying concealed weapons, and everyday problems will be solved with guns rather than words or even fists."
ARRGH! How many concealed carry permit holders are there and how many "everyday problems" have been solved by those who carry? These people act like we're in a western movie! This comment just shows how these people will throw around words just to make their case, legitimate or not. It reminds me of a child trying to make an arguement because they haven't seen the real world yet. I wish there was a way to link this article to the CNN one so that people can read about the truth about EVERYONE carrying. I found this while surfing this forum. It's awesome and anyone I talk to who is against concealed carry, I direct them to said article. You can't argue against facts - hence article - which is why they feel the need to make stuff up I guess. :?
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