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Utah H.B. 49, Firearms Revisions

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Rep. Paul Ray has submitted HB 49 in order to clarify some firearms issues.

In its proposed format, it declares that a firearm whether visible or concealed does not constitute disorderly conduct, criminal trespass, disrupting a school function, or any number of similar ordinances. The list of statues declared not a violation is quite extensive. The U and UVU policies will be voided. BYU may also have to allow carry on campus. It also appears that an open business or store cannot trespass you for carrying since that is the only ordinance they can use to remove you from their property.

It also requires any local authority to cite the statutes that grants them the authority to regulate dangerous weapons and voids any law not in compliance.

It's a shame to see this kind of legislation but it does put oppressive schools and local governments on notice and allows us to carry without worrying if we will be harassed for it.
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