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Utah judge up for vote

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If you have not heard about Judge Lewis-Utah 3rd District Court-and her antihunting views, visit:

http://www.firejudgelewis.com which has the link to the video which says it all

and the news article:


Can't imagine her views on CCW.
She's up for retention in this election--let's make sure it doesn't happen.
PDO is running a thread on this too, but it's the Utah folks that matter for this.
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If you haven't read my statement concerning this piece of trash on packing.org, you should. There are also many other appropriate comments there concerning this judge.
Needless to say, I watched the video and was outraged at her immoral turpitude! This woman has no place on the bench what-so-ever! Of course, over the years, living in the Third District Court District, I have had many opportunities to observe judges first hand. Personally I find the majority of them to be lax in their duty, bigotted, idiotic and full of crap--that is besides the fact that I have seen many of them violate the civil rights of many who have been brought before them.
This Lewis, though, committed gross acts of treason in the manner she violated this citizens rights! I am voting & she is getting a huge NO! I encourage everyine else to vote to eliminate her too!
If you haven't seen the video, it is a Must see! It will set off any proper thinking & respectable Red Blooded American who observes it. This woman belongs in jail!
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Just to update, I cast my ballot this evening on an absentee form & am sending it in the mail tomorrow. I voted NO for retention of this twit! I encourage everyone else to do the same. We need honest, unbiased or bigotted judges--she is niether!
Aas a side note, I also voted no on retention of every standing judge up for retention this year. I have seen too much evil from them, we need the change. Hopefully we can get some honorable people on the bench, rather than the dishonorable ones we have been stuck with!
Ahh, the Republic at work--you gotta love it!
You are probably referring to Supreme Court Justice, Nehring. He is the one who is responsible for the violation of the law concerning srtorage lockers & the 3rd District Court. He did this and then the following year was appointed to the Supreme Court--he should not have been. He did, however, uphold the law as regards concealed carry and the U of U--it was the lone woman on the USC who voted her emotion, rather than for the law, and voted against ccw on campus.
Needless to say, there are still a lot of evil judges in our courts, most people are too ignorant of how they are operating, or are not educated concerning them & figure since they know nothing of them they vote to retain them. It is we, the educated, who must continue the good fight to remove them from office.
Only Lewis was dethroned--we still have a lot of work to do.
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