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Utah State Caucus Meetings

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This tuesday evening starting at 7:00 pm, caucus meetings will be held throughout Utah. These meetings are so that we can elect delegates, who in turn choose (hopefully according to the wishes of their constituents) who will be running for every open position up for election this year.

The phone # to find out where your princinct caucus meeting is, is as follows:

Salt Lake County Clerk, Sherrie Swensen 801-468-3519

I am sorry, but I do not know Provos' or any other #. But a call to your County Clerks Office should net you the number, and the address of the location.

For those of you who live in Salt Lake County, Senate District 3, I encourage you to PLEASE go to this meeting! Please consider running for a County Delegate position. I am running for State Senate in this district & that means that County Delegates will have to choose between me & at least two other candidates (they showed up on the filing register on the last day you could file, and almost exactly at the 5pm deadline!). This means that when it comes to the County Convention I am going to have to campaign hard in order to get the support I need from the Republican Party. Whoever gets the parties nod at the convention, is who will actually be able to run for this office. This will mean extra money & time investment for anyone running. I for one, certainly hope that no run off election will be held, as that just means more lost money--fighting for the right to run, which could be used for the actual campaign, which is going to be against a career, polished Democrat Senatorial Incumbant!

What this means then, if you have read my platform, (which is listed in the Chit-Chat section of this website, posted Tuesday, March 7, 2006), and if you can agree with what I have to say, and believe that I will (which I will) fight hard for our 2nd amendment rights--Then I need your help! Please consider donating to my campaign! I have only a couple of weeks to get everything together, to finance any political signs, banners & flyers for mailing. I will also need to provide a table at the convention for County Delegates to stop by & meet me. All of this so that I can win their vote & get the Republican nod, so I may run against the encumbant, Mr. Gene Davis-Democrat. I truly need any help you can lend me. Right now that is money, I am sorry to say it, but that is the truth of the matter. Until I get the nod from the party, I must finance everything through donations. Big donations are hard to come by, unless you already have the nod & are well on your way to winning an election.

Please donate whatever you can, big or small, it will be Greatly appreciated!

Donations may be sent to:

Cagle for Senate
C/O Robie Cagle
870 East 4070 South # 60
Murray, UT 84107

I thank you in advance for your donations, and I hope to be able to represent you all this next year as your next Senator.



Robie Cagle
Senate Candidate for the Republican Party
Senate District 3
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check mailed this weekend. I'm out of your district, but we need all the help at the state level we can get.
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