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I was in a similar position once. The first thing I did was pull over and try to remove myself from the situation. If that person had then pulled over and confronted you then he is the clear aggressor.

From there you would have to decide at what point you become scared that you or or a third party may loose thier lives or obtain serious bodily injury. IANAL (I am not a Lawyer) but I would never want to have to use lethal force from a vehicle.

Seems to easy for the anti's to chalk it up as road rage on the side of you (the victim). But as I said if you pull over you are then taking a step to remove yourself from the altercation. If that person follows you he is the clear aggressor. Also, the other idea is let them follow you right to the police station. I have done that before mostly in my Repo days.

I hope you never have to be put in a situation like that again. This is the reason I tell people to train train train. You never know when these situations are going to come up and you have to be ready.
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