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I was on HWY 89 driving towards I 15 when a black saab decided to get into my lane almost hitting me I honked and tried to move over which enraged the driver who the tried several times to run me off the road and cornnering me several times against the side barrier as I was driving I had my wife and son and daughter in the vechicle at the time several times he tried to hit me or push me off the road I tried to get away from the male in the black saab but trafic was heavy and I was limited I did not have my cell phone with me. I did have my concealed weapon in my holster laying on my lap to prepare for the worst or just as a precaution my question I purpose is at what point does the vechicle become a weapon and at the time I did fear for my life as well as my wife and children he almost suceed in pusing me off the road at approx 74 MPH into a barrier off a small embankment we at this rate of speed a traffic accident can be fatal if not deadly causing my wife and I to fear for our life what is the view from this fourm on Incident like this and what Ideas have worked for you in the past
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