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Thomas said:
I was in a similar position once. The first thing I did was pull over and try to remove myself from the situation.
I agree this is probably the smartest thing to do. Get the heck out of the fight. That'll fix it 9 out of 10 times.

I did that in a similar situation; some freak trying to kill my family and me (northbound I-15 around Centerville). I pulled over by Lagoon and waited a few minutes. He aparently also pulled over also down the road around the corner where we couln't see him, watched for us, and came up behind us again just after the interchange there. Persistant b*st*rd.

I finally ditched him when he was on the left-hand lane by me, I was in the middle lane, and I made a sudden hard break and last-minute dive for the next exit (331 Kaysville). He had no way to react and follow me. (Though I did watch to see if he pulled over to back down the on-ramp, in which case we would have found the nearest cop car.) We drove to Ogden on the side streets, then got back on I-15.

Sure I was armed, but I'd rather avoid a confrontation with a wild animal if at all possible. I just hope nobody else caught his eye. :(
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