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Venture Safety/Training Course with Strategic

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Well, we spent 2 hours at the range at Get Some Guns and Ammo last night with Chris and Scott from Strategic Tactical last night.

Those in attendance were myself, the Venture Advisor, and 2 young men from our crew. Scott brought his son as well. These 2 boys have had NO exposure to handguns. They have shot .22's and shotguns before, but never pistols.

Since our time was limited to 2 hours, Scott was forced to cram a LOT of stuff that would normally be covered in 4-5 hours. The boys handled it well and easily picked up and understood what Scott taught them. We started with the basics of safety and then went more into handgun function as well as shooting form. We discussed "single action" vs. "double action" and that difference in both revolvers and semi-autos. Scott was able to accurately describe something that I have found very difficult to explain to noobie shooters, and that is SIGHT/TARGET ALIGNMENT. I don't know what it is, but whatever I am saying when I try to explain the technicals of aiming, they always get confused. So I let Scott handle it and the boys understood it perfectly.

I brought plenty of ammo for the night and the boys had fun shooting everything from a RugerP89 in 9mm to an XD45 to a Taurus .357 Magnum. One of the boys even ventured over to my Super Blackhawk and squeezed off a few stout rounds of .44 Magnum. That always causes heads to turn. :D

The boys caught on VERY quickly and, thanks to some good instruction, were able to keep nearly EVERY shot on the paper at about 10 yards. Pretty good for noobies. They talked about it the whole way home and are already discussing plans to take a more advanced course and perhaps the concealed course once they reach appropriate age.

Many thanks go out to Chris and Scott from Strategic Tactical! They did a wonderful job!
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That sounds excellent! Good success to build on.
A critical part of defending our right to keep and bear arms is to teach youngsters like this.
Jeff Johnson said:
A critical part of defending our right to keep and bear arms is to teach youngsters like this.
Agreed -- probably THE single most important thing is to teach the young.
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