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Wait-time for a CC permit...

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I've been wondering whether anyone here knows whether or not the wait-time for a CC permit is decreased at all when the applicant already holds a security clearance from recently being discharged from the military??? I realize there is nothing in the law to "expedite" the process due to such status, but does having a clearance make doing the background checks easier and thus faster???
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I don't think having a security clearance makes any difference to their process.

All reports I'm reading do indicate that the turn-around time is improving, so that's good news.

I almost hate to mention that back when I applied for my permit, about 4 years ago (I hand-delivered it, hoping to speed up the process), that I got my permit in the mail in ten (yes, 10) days. You read that right. :p
Sorry to brag...

That was before the demand increased so much.
XD Dude said:
I sent my application in on the 22nd of August and just recieved it today, so they are speeding things up :)
Hey, congratulations!!
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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