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The explanation I saw on another board was as follows:

1. Public area with lots of people (most of the time) requiring you to move around others, bend over to get items on the lower shelves and reach high for top shelf items.

2. You should make an ammo purchase at the outdoors checkout area for your carry firearm. Can you reach for your wallet with out showing your firearm?

3. Buy some Nachos at the small restaurant near the entrance. Nachos are messy to eat with your fingers and this keeps you from constantly touching your firearm to "assure yourself" or "adjust it".

All of this is to help a person get comfortable with their carry setup and get out in public. I did not do the Walmart thing my first time. I went to the bank and then City Hall where the first person I walked past was the city attorney. I was very nervous but by the time I walked out of the city hall building I had learned that almost NO ONE is suspecting that you are packing a firearm and they go about their business as you go about yours.
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