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Weapon is not a bluff!

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As one of the few women on this site, I just thought it worth a mention how important it is to really think the decsion to carry through. By this I mean, a gun is not a bluff. If you see it as such, or hesitate in a real self defense situation it will probably end up being used against you instead of saving your life. I hope to never need to shoot someone but I know I can if they convince me I am in mortal danger. I find this mental hesitation especially a problem with many women. I encourage those who talk to me about it to be sure that they are ready both in skills and emotions to shoot someone if they have to. If they have any doubts they are better off just carrying pepper spray. This is an important thought process for all who carry actually not just the "fairer sex" like me.
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Excellent thoughts and well said.

There have been a few cases of police being shot (and even with their own guns) because they could not muster the ability to shoot another when their life was in peril due to philosophical reasons or just indecision. You cannot feign to protect yourself with a gun if you are not willing to pull the trigger.

I talked to my wife about this. She struggled when I first started carrying with the thought that I could and would so easily kill another. She really wanted to have nothing to do with it. As we talked more and more, she began to realize that she too would easily pull the trigger on someone that was going to harm her, our children, or myself. She now is slowly getting more into guns - she knows enough to load and shoot my pistols (which makes me relieved when I'm away on business) and I'm going to take her shooting soon.

I think going through situations in our mind of if/when we would shoot someone are valuable. I think quite often about what types of situations would warrant deadly force and which ones wouldn't. Thinking through these scenarios can make an actual event (heaven forbid) much safer and could prevent a moment of hesitation that could save my life OR they could result in me NOT shooting someone in a situation where it is not warranted.
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That is indeed a good point. There is a mental preparation that has to happen before-hand, as well as physical training.

Women certainly are capable of using deadly force to defend themselves and their loved ones. I read story after story in "The Armed Citizen" in my NRA magazines in which women successfully used deadly force for self-defense.

It may serve here to quote Rudyard Kipling in saying , "...That the female of Her species is more deadly than the male!"
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