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Cameron Strickland disagrees with Holt. He says, "I don't think that's a good idea, to have guns on campus."
This Cameron fella's a genius. Too bad he wasn't around to give such sage advice to the VT or the Columbine shooters. :roll:

"I don't really feel like I should be sitting next to someone with a gun," says Shannon Hook. "And in case something does happen, I don't really necessarily believe everybody has the capability of actually doing something without maybe hurting other people in the process."
Interesting point. Who do you think is more likely to hurt someone - someone trying to legally defend themselves or a mad man shooting at everyone they see? I guarandamntee you she'd be a lot more comfortable sitting next to an armed CFP holder if someone were shooting up her class. Why then would she be uncomfortable with it otherwise?

I certainly applaud WSU for allowing this. It really is a bit of a coup in the university arena.
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