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Weds Interim Cmte on CCW Training

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Be advised of the upcoming Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice Interim Committee.
Wednesday, May 19, 2004 • 9:00 a.m. • Room W20 House Building

I have been asked to speak to the committee on behalf of US-DIN
Utah Self-Defense Instructors’ Network.

One of the topics to be discussed will be Concealed Weapons Instructors Training. In speaking with Sen. Waddoups, he states the committee has no specific agenda. Rather they are looking for ways to improve the training for CCW applicants. The topic as listed on the committee’s site, seems to indicate that they will discuss the training required to become an instructor. I have been assured it will deal only with the Utah CCW Applicant training. NOT Instructor training

I will discuss several items including:
Oversight by BCI regarding Instructor compliance with statutes and rules.

Instructor’s Commitment to Excellence Program undertaken by US-DIN

What are the current instruction requirements for Utah CCW applicants?

Are there any changes in that curriculum that are needed?
And conversely what proposed changes in curriculum are clearly not needed. I.e.…Live fire Requirements, Minimum number of hours for CCW classes.

I will be discuses the pro and cons of any proposal.

If you are interested and so inclined please try to attend. Be aware that public comment in Interim Committees is more limited than in Standing Committees and is subject to the discretion of the Chairman.

W. Clark Aposhian
Chairman US-DIN

Committee Site
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Alas, I must work, or I'd love to be there/

Please let us know what happens..

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