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What do you think of this.

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So I was visiting with my mayor the other day and we were just chitchatting. I told him I had had some problems with the neighbor kids at my business breaking into some of my employees cars during working hours and stealing cigarettes and loose change. He asked me if I heard about the commotion in town a few days earlier. I told him no. He said that the cops had surrounded a house with guns out and were kind of making a scene. He said the cops had been called to a domestic disturbance incident and because the guy was a "REGISTERED GUN OWNER" (the mayors EXACT words) the cops had taken out their shotguns and AR's and there were like 15 cops at this house while they tried to figure things out. I commented to him that wasn't everybody in our town a registered gun owner and kind of laughed about that. After we stopped talking though, I couldn't stop thinking that he had specifically said that because the police knew the individual in this home was a registered gun owner that they had taken extra precautions and called in more police than normal and had real guns out. So what do you think about this? How would the police be identifying a resident of a community this way? I thought the government didn't have lists of "registered gun owners." What do you guys think about this.
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I believe in this instance there had been some history. It still bugs me that the mayor who really had no involvement in the incident would have been told (by the police I presume) that the individual was a "registered gun owner" and the police took extra precautions because of this. I guess I am not really bugged by the extra precautions, I am simply curious exactly how the "registered gun owner" information came about.
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