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The training guidelines are fairly unambiguous and mention nothing about being an "innocent passenger" during a police encounter.

G. Permit holders should know what to do during a police encounter:
1. If you are armed, advise the officer of your firearm and your concealed firearm
2. Advise the officer of the location of the firearm
3. Comply fully with all instructions given by the officer
4. Keep your hands visible at all times
5. Do not reach for your weapon or permit unless instructed to do so
The last time I checked, instructors were required to follow these guidelines. The guidelines don't say to tell your students "not to say anything".

The language of the public safety rule should probably be revised to help resolve the confusion caused by its present language (and lack thereof). When a deer killed itself in front of my car, I wasn't under any "suspicion", but I still informed the responding officer of my permit and firearm... and I've been in other encounters where it was obviously prudent to inform an officer of my armed status.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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