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What is going on?!?

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I cannot believe the rash of killings that have been in the news the last two days. 5 killed at a city council meeting, husband kills wife teaching school, shooting at a department store, another shooting at a college today. What is going on? Is it the weather, the supposed "credit crunch," fallout from Super Tuesday, or just the moon phase? This influx of crime (and gun crime) too boot is insane and frankly terrible timing during an election year. I fear for my family and my ability to defend them after all of these events become politicized.

What is everyone else's views on these events? Just tragic happenings all at once, or something we really need to be worried about given the current political happenings?

Thanks for letting me vent... :oops:
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Welcome to the popping of the Utah bubble.
T-Man said:
Is crime on the rise, or is media coverage of crime on the rise?
Both. Crime is the local hot topic.
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