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Getting your Utah CFP is considered by some to be the END of their training and further instruction. I submit that it is but a first step, with on-going quality training and practice necessary to be a truly reponsible gun onwer and permit holder. There are several good local sources for that next step or level of training. W.C. Aposhian, Chuck Hinson, Steven Beckstead, Brant Taylor and other trainers and groups offer further training. I recommend strongly oto every CFP class participant that they seek out further instruction locally or from, if money permits, one of the recognized schools. This is but one small brick in your castle wall. A couple of years ago Mr. Aposhian and I were in Moscow, Russia, and saw some renovation work being done to the Kremlin wall. As I pondered the size of the bricks and the huge size of the Kremlin wall, I thought of the Concealed Permit as one brick in our Kremlin wall of Mind Set, Avoidance, Awareness, Tactics, Equipment, etc. Becoming an NRA certified trainer is also a good idea to help round out your teaching and instruction techniques. Always keep an open mind. What works for you may not work for another person. New techniques are being developed for low-light fighting, etc. Stay up so you are not giving outdated info to your students. Take training for yourself as a wise mentor of mine once said, so you stay updated and fresh. It is a great responsibility to train fellow citizens. We should strive to give our best. "Aim small, miss small' and Lord make me fast and accurate!"... Mel Gibson in 'The Patriot".

Here's another alternative you might want to consider.

A group of us get together on the first Saturday of each month to practice the defensive shooting skills and tactics needed by folks who legally carry a concealed weapon or choose to use a firearm for home defense.

This is a very good place for those who have recently obtained a concealed carry permit to learn about firearm and equipment options, and gain an understanding of basic defensive shooting techniques. The exercises we run are aimed at teaching/practicing defensive shooting skills and applying these skills, combined with appropriate tactics, in simulated defensive shooting encounters. It's also a good place for folks who already have a good skill set to practice those skills and share them with those new to defensive shooting. The cost is only $12 and you can get more info at www.UtahPoliteSociety.org.

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