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When was CCW outlawed?

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I've been searching this morning to learn the history of concealed carry. What's frustrating is all the articles and pages I find start from Georgia and Florida passing laws in the 90's supporting concealed carry. They assume that the USA started with concealed carry being illegal -- from the beginning.

I can't imagine that is the way we started, even though it is an assumption in almost everyone today. When the USA started, there were no gun laws except the 2A, which obviously gives the right to carry arms. It seems that pro-CCW people start arguments from a position of disadvantage (that we need to prove why CCW should be allowed) when in reality, we should be at the advantage (default is CCW is allowed, people need to show why it should be outlawed).

Pages on the history of gun laws go one of two directions: 1) they trace regular (mostly rifle) laws starting at the 2A, or 2) they start with making CCW legal in the last 20 years.

So, at some point in our history of of state or federal law, some law went into effect that made it *illegal* to carry concealed. Anyone know the circumstances surrounding it? Why and what was passed?
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There was a VT State Supreme Court ruling in I believe the early 20's which affirmed that the State Constitutional right to bear arms included concealed and open carry. This is why VT is a right to carry without a license or permit. The only prohibited areas in VT str State institutions, K-12 schools and court houses.
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