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Which 1911 model in .45 ACP do you own?

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Which 1911 model in .45 ACP do you own?
Smith & Wesson12.38%
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I want one bad but still can't decide on which model to get. If you have a particular reason why you purchased one model over another please let me know. If you have more than one and Hillary Clinton knew about them and she came to your front door with 10 armed commies and said you can keep only one - which would you keep?
The only 1911-pattern pistol I have at the moment is a Kimber Ultra Carry (pre-series II). I got it because I like the 1911 platform and wanted a very concealable .45 ACP. I sometimes carry it in a Milt Sparks VM-2 but most likely it will be in a custom pocket holster. It has almost 3,000 rounds through it without a single bobble and I consider it to be absolutely reliable (as reliable as any mechanical device can be).
Car Knocker, do you shoot hollow-points without jamming or just ball ammo?
I've shot Hydrashocks, FMJ, LRN, LSWC without problems, both factory and handloads. I use Wilson mags and change out the recoil and firing pin springs at about 700 rounds (I use Wolff springs).
I have two Colts, two Springfields, and just ordered one from Paul Liebenberg. I really like the 1911.

One Colt is an old gold cup from, I'm guessing, the mid 60's the other is a Colt custom shop.

One Springfield is a standard 1911a1 the other is a Springfield custom shop.

The one I am really excited about is the one I just ordered. I did my research before settling on Mr. Liebenberg to build it. I just mailed my signature on the work order and my material deposit last Friday.

Of the ones I now have if I had to pick a favorite it would be the Springfield custom shop 1911. They do good work and I am very pleased.

All of my model 1911 pistols will eat gold dots without error. My Springfield 1911a1 didn't function really well when I bought it but a little work with some jewelers rouge and a rubber polishing disk for my Dremmil on the ramp and throat did the trick.
I carry a Kimber CDP Pro II. I went with the Kimber because I wanted a custom 1911 but couldn't justify a Wilson or Les Baer. I carry it loaded with 230 gr. Hydra shocks, but I've also fired Golden Sabers. Both feed and fire w/out any problems. Of course I burn 230 gr. FMJ's on the range and when plinking. I haven't fired any reloads through my gun, only factory loads.
I just bought my first 1911 - a Taurus pt1911 AR (it's got an accessory rail). I'm not a 1911 enthusiast, but after putting 200 or so flawless rounds through it - FMJ and 230gr Federal HST, and putting some nice rosewood grips on it, I feel like I have a tricked out 1911 for 1/2 the price they traditionally go for. Obviously corners had to be cut somewhere, but since I was looking in the "value" price range, I'm very happy with it. I feel pretty good about the $475 I paid for it new from a private party too, getting a deal makes it that much nicer.
I own a Springfield 1911 A1 GI in OD Green as pictured below.


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I have a Para Warthog that I got a month or so ago, I have put 600 rds through it without a hiccup, I absolutely love this gun! same size as a XDSC with 10rds of .45acp :)
Springfield Loaded Black Stainless Target.
If I was able to keep only one 1911 it would be the Kimber Raptor. I've owned and shot Colt but now that I've got my hands on the Kimber Ultra Raptor I'll never go back.

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I have a Taurus 1911 with a rail. I can not find any owb holster to fit it. Any help?

Eric makes awesome holsters!
Guess I'm the only "other" so far. I have a Metro Arms American Classic II. It was cheap and it shoots great. More than happy to go shooting with anyone that wants to try it out.
Springfield Mil-Spec. I've replaced the stock wood grips with a Hogue wraparound that has finger grooves, but I may switch back.
I have a Dan Wesson CBOB - which is what I'd use to protect the others from Hilary - that was the scenario, right? I also have a Springfield Mil Spec, and will soon have a Colt Commander.
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