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Why haven't I heard about this before?

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I want to go to this:


It looks like fun.

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:drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: No kidding! Looked like a blast!
Uh huh ???

There were guns there :huh: .... :lolbang: .... :lolbang:

Now that looks like the right way to spend a weekend.
Looks like a blast! We had a little machine gun shoot of our own at our family reunion this last weekend. We stood a BUNCH of clay pigeons up in the sage brush, then went to town on them. Between the 5 of us, we went through 120 .223, 60 or so 9mm, and about of brick of .22 in about 2 minutes. Fun! :gun7:
:drool: That reduced me to a trembling drooling heap.
Oh, man! I've got a huge grin on my face!! That's awesome!!! :patriot:
October 4th is the FBMG machine gun shoot out at the farm. Shoot ours or bring your own. There will be ammo available or bring your own. The IPSIC and cowboy action guys will also be there so give them a try too. PM or call the shop for details.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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