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As you may be aware, only four states have no provision whatsoever for citizens to legally carry concealed firearms for self-defense. One of them is Wisconsin. Two years ago, Gov. Doyle (D-ictator) vetoed their shall-issue CCW bill. The Wisconsin Senate voted successfully to override the veto. Unfortunately, the Wisconsin Assembly failed to override the veto by one lousy vote. That one lousy vote was that of Rep. Gary Sherman (D-spineless) who had been one of the co-sponsors of the bill, but chickened out and didn't want to embarass his governor.

Fast forward to this year. Another CCW bill was passed by the Wisconsin legislature. Once again, Gov. Dolt vetoed it. Once again, the Wisconsin Senate voted to override the veto. Once again, the Wisconsin Assembly is trying to override the veto. Today (Tuesday, 31 January 2006) is the day. Once again, the vote is very close. This time, there are two Democrats who voted for the bill originally, but who are on the fence (so far) about overriding the veto.

To find out the status, I just went to:

Wisconsin Assembly In Session

Then I clicked on the Display tab at the top. At the moment, it says that the Assembly is in recess for partisan caucus. That allows the whole body of Democrats in the Assembly to surround these two fence-sitters to beat on them until they agree to uphold the veto. This is exactly what happened two years ago.

I'm hoping that these two hold firm, and come back to vote to override, but we'll see. The two fence-sitters are: Rep. Terry Van Akkeren (D-26th Assembly District) and Rep. John P. Steinbrink (D-65th Assembly District).

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Yep, two (D-umbascrap) votes.
These two had voted for it 3 & 4 times previously too. With this being an election year for them, I think they may have made a costly mistake.

Looks like it's time to take the decission out of the lawmakers hands & start getting patitions out & make it a ballot initiative this time.
IIRC this option was put on hold because they thought it would get through this time. unfortunatly they were wrong.
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