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Women's Handgun and Safety Course

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We have a Women's Handgun Shooting and Safety course coming up next week. All the info is posted below, and please feel free to PM or email with any questions that you might have. Class will be approx. 4 hours. B

Women's Handgun and Safety Course
Designed specifically for women, this course will cover the basic concepts concerning protection and self defense with firearms. This is a participation based course with live fire activities. You will enjoy learning and shooting in a low-stress environment. Even if you are uncomfortable with the thought of having to use a gun to defend yourself or your family, this is a great course to gain confidence and peace of mind.

Course Content will include:
• Nomenclature
• Marksmanship
• Clearing Malfunctions
• Safety Awareness
• Ammunition
• Loading and Unloading Techniques
• Equipment
• Alternative Measures
Equipment needed:
• Students may bring a firearm for use in the class. You will need a minimum of 50rds of factory ammunition. If you need a firearm for the class, there are rental pistols and ammunition available at the range.
• Hearing and eye protection are also available at no charge to the student.

When: Tue. 2/26/08 at 5:30 PM
Certified Instructor: Brian Nelson
Where: Impact Guns, 4075 W. 4715 S. Salt Lake City (Kearns)
Tuition Fee: $75 per person
Registration: You may register by phone at (801) 967-8005 or register in person at the store.
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