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I broke the paddle on my Serpa, so I bought a used Serpa for a 1911 'cuz someboday on teh Interwebz said it would fit my CZ. Nope.

I took the paddle, so now I have a carbon fiber finish Serpa holster with NO ATTACHMENT that I have no need for. It has the 3 screws, but no belt loop, paddle, etc. It's obviously been used, but probably has years of use left in it.

Anybody need/want it? I'm not expecting much, so don't be afraid to offer.

While I'm at it, I intended to buy a few packs of 7.62x39 at Gunnies and didn't notice until the next day that one of the packs was actually 5.45. I don't need that, and I can't return it. It's a 20-round pack in the paper, just like you get out of the commie spam cans.

Once again with low expectations, anybody need it?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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