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I have contacted the following media outfits and let them know concerning tonights meeting of the WVC Council where TJ is expected to present a request for a cease and desist of the unlawful detainment, and abuse of power of the WVC Police Department:

Fox News Channel 13
Channel 4
KSL Channel 5
Salt Lake Tribune

Here is the email I sent to those who requested the story information be sent them in this form;

To whom it may concern;

Tonight at 6:30 pm there will be a meeting of the West Valley City Council. At this
meeting there will be a group of citizens petitioning
the City Council to order the Police in West Valley City to cease and desist their
unlawful detainment of lawfully open carrying citizens. Open Carry is open carry of
handguns. This is legal in the State of Utah and the police in WVC have been abusing
their power and unlawfully detaining law abiding citizens who are exercising their rights
as guaranteed by both the Utah State Constitution, and the US Constitution.

There will be between 30 - 40 members of both utahconcealedcarry.com and
utahopencarry.com present at this meeting. There will be great opportunity for speaking
to many citizens at one time concerning this issue. I urge you to please send a
representative, or a news crew to this meeting. This will be a highly educational and
very important meeting.

This meeting will be at: 3600 Constitution Boulevard in West Valley City, just west of
Valley Fair Mall.

Thank you for your time and consideration in this very important matter.


Robie Cagle

I may not be able to make this meeting tonight, but I do hope that many of us are able to do so. I have tried to be supportive by involving as much of the media as possible. Hopefully they will show up and also do a responsible job in reporting accurately the news concerning this issue.
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