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WOW!!! Sorry Dave. Its too bad this is where these XD/Glock threads always go isnt it. :bang2:

Well as a lover of both here is my XD $.02

The very first pistol I ever bought was an XD .40 4". Great pistol. thousands of rounds with out the slightest problem which was pretty good considering I was a snot-nosed noob with handguns. Since then I decided I dont care for the .40 and got an XD9SC which I carried for awhile before making the jump to Glock. Having been in the Glock camp for many moon and about 8 different G-models I decided that, although it is a fine pistol, I was making too many sacrifices for the mechanism.

Sold my last remaining Glock and cant stop thinking about an XD45. I went to Get Some last night to blow some rounds through my CW45 and fondled the XD45. Holy Crap!! I dont know how they made a double stack .45 ACP feel so darn good in the hand but I'm glad they did!! For a guy with smallish hands it is a celestial fit. Now the problem is Bi-tone tactical or all black 4" compact :dunno:

Truth be told...if I could do it all over again I would have skipped all the other business and gone from the XD9sc straight into the XD45c. (I do like the Kahr for carry though)
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