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XD Question

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Was just loading my XD 10rd mag. I can only get 9 rds. in there. Is this normal?
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yes it is if it's a new mag cause the spring is very tight. Use the speedloader that comes with it to compress the spring.
My XD 40 mags were extremely tight from factory. It took about 700 rounds to loosen them up to the point that I didn't have to use the mag loader. My XD 45 mags were easy to load from round 1. I have never used the mag loader for my 45. I can easily fit the 10 rounds in the compact mag, and 13 in the full size mag. The only way to loosen them up is to exercise the mags. Load and unload them, and be prepared to have sore thumbs!
Thanks for the info. I took all the rounds out and tried again, this time I got 10 in there. With the 16rd mags I have, I got all of them in there, but it was pretty tough, my thumb is starting to feel better today, I did this Monday, lol
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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