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I cannot believe how many of those are true for me. Should I be embarrassed??? :oops:

* I own .303 British cartridges but don't have any gun chambered for .303 British (and they're reloads).

* The password thing....I won't even go there.

* I can even tell you how fast the space shuttle travels in FPS.

* I used to use a box of corncob media EACH WEEK.

* I used to get the Dillon magazine....

* I pick up brass for caliber I don't even own 'just because it's cool looking'.

* I can identify spent casings from the ground.

* Last time I cried was the first time I ever sold a gun (Ruger M77 in 300 WSM). Depressed for a week.

* I chuckle when I look at the clock at one of the following times: 2:04, 2:22, 2:23, 2:24, 2:50, 2:57, 3:00, 3:08, 3:11, 3:55, 3:57, 4:04, 4:29, 4:51, 4:58.....etc, etc, etc.

I do this one ALL the time: If you find yourself rapidly disassembling/re-assembling your handgun....in the dark.....on the toilet. :oops:
1 - 2 of 23 Posts
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