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This is from one of my postings I proffered earlier on Packing.org and I'd like a Utah perspective.

It is a fact that Utah's BCI will at this time issue a CCW permit to an applicant that meets their requirements regardless of their nationality. I.e... even to a person just visiting or on a business trip here. (On a non resident Visa)

For that matter they do not even have to come to Utah. If an instructor is available in their country they could complete the process there.

This is despite the inability of Utah BCI to check backgrounds from any country except Canada.
What are your thoughts on this?
Should non citizens be carrying? Does not everyone have a right to the tools of adequate and appropriate self-Defense?
Keep in mind that USC 922 does allow for non citizens to posses a firearm if they have a valid hunting license or permit.

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While i admit that it does grate me a little that, as a US and Utah citizen, I am subject to a higher level of scrutiny than nonresidents, I think the answer is giving more latitude to the US residents, not additional restrictions on others. I agree with the above posts that a check on legality of entry is good.
I missed this on packing.org ---how did the answers play out? or do you have the link?
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