Please keep the language clean, folks

Please read and abide by the rules you will find here.
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Please keep the language clean, folks

Postby Jeff Johnson » Sat 24 Nov 2007 1:22 pm

All members, please remember the following that is in the Forum Rules:
This is a family-friendly forum. As such, no obscene or abusive posts will be permitted here.
5. No posts that use abusive or vulgar language, particularly personal attacks on members of this forum, are allowed. We can and certainly do disagree on issues, but it is expected that we can do so in a civil manner.

We want to keep this forum clean and appropriate for gun-enthusiasts of all ages.

Consider it in this light: If you enter another person's home as a guest, you would (hopefully) be on your best behavior in front of your host's family. It is no different here.

Therefore, please refrain from swearing in your posts. Also, please refrain from using character substitutions to get around this. If it looks like a vulgar word, even though it is not quite spelled correctly, then it is still a vulgar word. This includes well-known acronyms that bring to mind vulgar words or phrases.

I've turned on a software feature of phpBB that automatically removes certain words. If you use one of those words in a post, what will come out in its place will be this: [auto-edited]

Thank you for your cooperation.
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Re: Please keep the language clean, folks

Postby Tarzan1888 » Wed 17 Sep 2008 9:13 am

Thank you Jeff.

If character substitution is used to by-pass the filter.....we still get the message and we still have to deal with the unwanted information or images that, unfortunately, the world has made all to prevalent in todays society.

It is nice to have some places that we can go and NOT have to deal with that stuff. :thumbsup:

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