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Links, language, rules, etc.

PostPosted: Fri 17 Feb 2012 12:40 pm
by Paul
Some of you may have noticed lately that we have been a bit more relaxed with the rules regarding what can be posted and discussed. This has been intentional. The Posse has had internal discussion regarding content and general feel of the forum. There have been some complaints about the rules being applied inconsistently. These complaints are valid. It is extremely difficult for the Posse to view every video, read every link, and read every post. Sometimes the Posse acts quickly. Sometimes we act slow. Sometimes we don't act at all. I guess I am trying to say that we do our best. Nobody is perfect (Posse or forum members) and we should never forget that. I hope as members you will make the choice to not be offended! No member of the Posse sets out to intentionly offend anyone. You should all know that by now.
As the forum owner I want this forum to be family friendly. I want to put on a good public face for the gun community. I want our forum to be respected. I want our members to be polite and show respect towards one another. At the same time I don't want to stiffle valuable content or discussion. I would ask that as a general rule you maintain a PG rating in your discussion, links, video. Also when you post links to outside sources that may contain language or content not compatible with the family friendly atmosphere here, please post a WARNING in your thread. That way people know full good and well what they are clicking on. Thanks for your support.
Questions? Discussion? I'll do my best to answer and address them.

Re: Links, language, rules, etc.

PostPosted: Fri 17 Feb 2012 12:55 pm
by Paul
One other quick note. If there is something on the forum that is questionable, a quick report to a mod or sending one of us a PM would be great. If there is something questionable the Posse will remove the thread until we can review it as a group. Upon review we will either permanently delete the thread OR if we fill is is OK we will restore it to the forum. We really do appreciate it when member bring issue to our attention. Thanks!