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Posts Not Sorting?

PostPosted: Mon 07 Nov 2016 9:54 am
by jfwright1955
Has anyone else noticed that posts are no longer sorting correctly? I have my preferences sorting posts by post date in descending order and they no longer do that. I only noticed because I got an email saying someone had replied to one of my posts and yet it didn't show up in the usual queue. I expanded my search results from 7 days to 1 month and even further back and was surprised to see there were numerous unread posts further down the list. That may also be the reason it seems like the sites' been inactive lately because post replies are not longer sorting correctly?

Re: Posts Not Sorting?

PostPosted: Tue 08 Nov 2016 5:19 pm
by Snurd
Not sure why that's happening. I would say contact the new owners, but it doesn't seem like they ever answer.

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Re: Posts Not Sorting?

PostPosted: Wed 09 Nov 2016 9:58 am
by Paul
The new owners seem to kind of forgotten us. Not exactly what I was hoping for..... I thought they would bring some real improvements to the forum. Maybe someday.

Re: Posts Not Sorting?

PostPosted: Fri 11 Nov 2016 8:27 pm
by dewittdj
I've received a number of server related issues. Frequently, perhaps because of the number of posts that I've generated, I receive mySQL errors multiple times in a single thread.

The connection to the server seems much slower as well.

Perhaps we don't generate enough traffic to warrant their focus or sustained interest?

Re: Posts Not Sorting?

PostPosted: Sat 12 Nov 2016 2:02 pm
by jfwright1955
Well by some ouija magic posts appear to be sorting correctly again. Maybe our admin's are playing a very, very, very silent role in the background.