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The Classifieds section

Postby Jeff Johnson » Fri 27 Apr 2007 9:11 pm

This is just to let everyone know a little bit about how I've got the Classifieds section of this board set up.

The Classifieds section is somewhat different than other sections of UCC. Classified advertisements tend to be of a temporary or transitory nature. Therefore, I've got the sub-forums in the Classifieds section configured to automatically clean out any threads that haven't been posted to for sixty (60) days.

The main purpose of UCC is to have a place for open discussion, and for the rapid dissemination of information in our fight to protect our right to keep and bear arms for self-defense.

The Classifieds section is there as a convenience to members, but I don't want it to be distracting in any way. That's why it auto-deletes old advertisement posts that have had no activity. If you want your advertisement to stay alive longer than sixty days, you can "bump" your post by replying to it yourself. At least that will indicate to all the members here that the advertisement is still open.

Thank you for your understanding.
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